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1 How are you adjusting to the new Todotrial.com website?
2 We are in the summer. Are you disconnected from trial?
3 2013 World Championship is finished. Do you think Non Stop has been good to increase in exciting?
4 Wich brand is for you synonymous with quality?
5 Do you plan to buy a trials bike in 2014?
6 Do you think that with the arrival of new brands Vertigo and TRS more trials bikes will be sold?
7 What is your favorite trials motorcycle brand?
8 What device do you prefer for visit Todotrial.com?
9 What is your favorite type of trials?
10 You'll be even more involved in trials in 2015?
11 How often do you practise trial?
12 What do you think about Todotrial's usability in your devices?
13 Wich bike is your buy first option at this moment?
14 Do you think there are enough trials events in your area?
15 What do you want for 2016?
16 The 2016 World Trials Championship starts, who is your favourite rider?
17 What Todotrial's contents are you most interested in?
18 What is your "summer time" when practicing trial?
19 How many World Trials Championship Titles will win Toni Bou?
20 ¿Te gustaría tener nuestro propio Scott Trial?
21 How will be your 2017 season?
22 If you are thinking about buying a second (or third ...) triasl bike, what bike would it be?
23 Should Todotrial.com renew its design for better visibility on smartphones?
24 ¿Hacia donde irá la práctica del trial aficionado no competitivo?
25 A la hora de comprar una moto de trial nueva ¿cual es tu principal opción?
26 ¿Se está volviendo el trial un deporte demasiado peligroso? ¿Hay que cambiar esa evolución?
27 Cabes and Fajardo should be Championship Riders in 2019 XTrial season?
28 ¿Te gustaría que hubiese más triales de larga duración?