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Gas Gas
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Gas Gas TXT Pro Racing 2014

10th June 2013
Information: Gas Gas

Gas Gas TXT Pro Racing 2014

posted by 10 June 2013 By in Novedades Last modified on Friday, 21 June 2013 00:25

Gas Gas, an industry leader, presents its new 2014 models, so that riders can choose the bike that best fits their needs. The 2014 Gas Gas TXT adapts to the skills and needs of any rider with 2 models, the TXT Pro 2014 and the TXT Pro Racing 2014.

TXT Pro Racing 2014.

GasGasTXTProR-2014-1pClick on the images to enlargeOne of the important developments that is presented in the 2014 range refers to the weight reduction, always welcome in any new model. In this case, a new design of the front suspension triple trees lighten the overall weight without reducing performance.

Moving to the rear shock, a major change is the repositioning of the oil reservoir. The race team experience has shown the importance of this area being away from external heat sources, and this improves its performance by 80%. Reiger has made the new shock for the 2014 TXT Racing to achieve that goal. Accordingly, the rear suspension settings have been revised to the settings of the 2013 Factory Replica model, an improvement in stability and ease of holding the line of trajectory.

Following the chassis, this new model 2014 TXT Racing includes the new 2013 Galfer Wave Brake rotor, also implemented on the 2013 Factory Replica. The disc is lighter and with theone-piece 'mono-block' caliper there is more precise braking on the front offering better control for the rider.

The rear sprocket remains consistent with the FIM rules, applying an adhesive guard on both sides that perfectly simulates the cutaways and keeps out dirt, making it a bike that is ready for racing.


GasGasTXTProR-2014-3p The 2014 TXT Racing also acquires, like the 2013 Factory Replica, the new brake system with more ergonomic master cylinder with a black anodized finish and titanium anodized aluminum filler cap. Plus, the rear caliper has the new and exclusive 'AutoStand' developed by Gas Gas, facilitates the quick-change of the rear Wheel.

The chassis now has a sealed steering area which prevents the entry of water and dirt into the bearings, making them much more durable. As usual, the 2014 TXT Racing has a new decor.

In the engine paragraph, changes also occur. The new filter housing provides better air flow and gives a more progressive power curve.

The inside cover that protects the filter element has been adapted to this TXT Racing model for the same easy maintenance, just as the it was on the 2013 Factory Replica.

GasGasTXTProR-2014-7p GasGasTXTProR-2014-5p

GasGasTXTProR-2014-6p On the other side of the handlebars, you will find a new clutch master cylinder with identical finish of the brake, anodized black and with a cap in titanium color, offering similar ergonomic improvements for the rider.

The Racing models use the same exhaust system as found on the Factory Replica, tested extensively in the Scottish Six Days Trials with an excellent result. And after the good results obtained with the Replica models using the Keihin, it is also mounted on the 250cc model. The mapping has been revise don the CDI and adjusted to the new settings.

As we say, the new 2014 TXT Racing takes some of the improvements first presented don the Factory Replica model, such as the light switch, which has been integrated into the side guards, making it much easier to Access. Thus, the Renthal handlebars are much more open and have only the essentials.


 GasGasTXTProR-2014-15p GasGasTXTProR-2014-16p


 GasGasTXTProR-2014-4p GasGasTXTProR-2014-8p


 GasGasTXTProR-2014-13p GasGasTXTProR-2014-16p

 GasGasTXTProR-2014-9p GasGasTXTProR-2014-10p

 GasGasTXTProR-2014-13p GasGasTXTProR-2014-16p



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