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Beta Evo Top Trial Team 2013

July 2nd 2013

Beta Evo Top Trial Team Special Edition

posted by 01 July 2013 By in Novedades Last modified on Tuesday, 02 July 2013 02:07

The well-known and powerful Italian team Top Trial Team presents its new Beta Top Trial Team 2013 Special Edition, soon on sale.

The new Beta Top Trial Team 2013 Special Edition will be presented next week at the Trials World Championship, in the GP of Italy (Barzio). The bike will be available throughout all the world in very few units.

Here are the features:


beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 1Enlargeable photo gallery at the bottom

- New frame obtained by hydroforming in "Special Edition" colours Yellow Fluo on left side and Orange Fluo on the Right side. The application of this technology has allowed to realize a frame with better mechanical properties, lighter (- 300 grams), more rigid, with more tank capacity (+ 250cc) and an aesthetic really special in this Top Trial Team limited edition case.

- Rear fender Bosi: the all-new rear wing designed by Ricardo Bosi, with slender shape, super flexible, and with the cover cap to the air box now housed in the seating area. This allows to speed up and simplify all the inspection operations, maintenance and replacement of the air filter.

- Triple clamp machined from black anodized aluminum. In addition to reducing the weight and improve the look, lets you choose from 8 different positions of the handlebars in order to adapt the bike to your riding style.

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 2 - Brake discs Bosi: improve heat dissipation with obvious advantages in terms of braking stability performance even in the most adverse situations.

- Faba wheels with hub billet red anodized: a precious touch to a unique bike.

- Numerous details in black anodized aluminum that embellish the whole bike and provide a look of great impact, lids brake master cylinder, engine oil cap, adjusters levers, chain registers and handlebar caps.

- Titanium footrests. Guarantee lightness, strength and grip.

- Factory Graphics kit. The same stickers that on the races bikes, including sponsors, for a faithful replica of the bikes used by Top Trial Team Beta Factory riders.

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 7 beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 19

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 10

- Rear Shock: Showa with same settings used by Top Trial Team riders in the Trials World Championship.

- Front Fork: Tech Fork. 39mm fork with aluminum, a really important weight reduction (1.2 kg).

 -Front fender with bow aluminum axle for greater stability.

- Brake and clutch levers billet, a perfect feeling and durability.

- Protection flywheel Carbon to embellish your bike.

- Arrow Titanium Exhaust with a significant weight reduction (1.5 kg).

- Security stop button with strap, according to the Trial World Championship rules.

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 11 - Sprocket protector, according to the Trial World Championship rules.

- Reinforced bash plate under the engine with the addition of teeth, helps on slippery obstacles to cling better.


- Also available in 125cc and 250cc to 300cc as well, all the engines have an special attention in both, the selection of all the components in the development and settings.

- Magnesium engine crankcase. About 1.5 Kg of weight reduction, enhancing the motorcycle riding and therefore the feeling and the driving balance and dynamics.

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 8 beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 15

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 3b - Bosi "Special Edition" Clutch, improves the gears engagement and improves the stability of the bike at high revs!

- Intake and exhaust diagrams modified to increase torque at low engine revs and still have a bike easier and lighter in the guide.

- Motor shaft of larger diameter to increase the inertia of operation at the same weight.

- Final Ratios  11-42 to adapt to a Racing riding.

- Cylinder cap mecanized to cool and increase even more in critical situations.

Coming at the end of July, the new EVO 2013 Top Trial Team Special Edition will be available at the most important trial dealers.

beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 5 beta evo top trial team 2013 replica 4

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    • Esta moto tiene una pinta brutal pero no se dice nada del precio. supongo que para no asustarnos. Si ya solo para pintar el chasis en dos colores tienen que desmontarla entera no me imagino el curre que debe llevar y lo que debe costar

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