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  New Gas Gas TXT range for 2014. The excellence of Trial.

Gas Gas, an industry leader, presents its new 2014 models, so that riders can choose the bike that best fits their needs. The 2014 Gas Gas TXT adapts to the skills and needs of any rider with 2 models, the TXT Pro 2014 and the TXT Pro Racing 2014.

  TXT Pro 2014: the basis of Trial

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Among the significant new elements of the 2014 TXT Pro are the new brake and clutch master cylinders, that offer a number of widely tested advantages, and designed in a way as to improve ergonomics and precision, among other things.

Anodized blackbodies offer good corrosion resistance over time.

The chassis inherited from the previous modelsnow has a sealed steering stem, as well as revisions to the connections to the new radiator and the relocation of some electrical components.

A significant weight reduction in the model 2014 TXT Pro is in the new fuel tank which has been lightened by approximately 200 grams. It looks smaller, but has the same capacity as before.

In fact, it is the same one that is used in the models Factory Replica and Racing models, which has provensuch good results so far. And ease of opening, filling and closing, users will also appreciate the fact that it will not be deformed in case of fall.

Another point where the weight has been reduced is the new radiator, smaller but at the same time more efficient in operation.

The new location of the switch for changing the CDI map, installed in the plastic side frame protector, facilitates easy access during riding.

The new design of the air filter box increases the air flow and offers a more progressive power curve. In the same way, the interior filter protector improves the ease of maintenance.

The end-cap of the exhaust also comes from the Racing and Factory Replica models. As previously mention, this design has been fully tested in the Scottish Six Days with excellent results. The new cylinder head has been produced for this model providing a direct connection to the radiator.

This part has been thoroughly tested before launching of this new model, resulting in a smoother power curve. The engine incorporates the quick release gear selector shaft, a real standard for Gas Gas .

Finally, note the new image for the TXT Racing and TXT Pro, incorporating the new logo of the leading brand in the world of trial.

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